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And there, under the gaze of the Stakhanovites and Chelyuskinites, we first kissed quietly, and then Igor began to stroke my chest through a sweater, I did not resist at all. I felt his palms on my hips under my skirt, he stroked my legs from the bottom up, but at the same time my hips were exposed down to the panties. And there was no Adriana Alencar to resist, and I wanted him to caress me so, I wanted kisses, I wanted love. We met in the evenings, I trembled from his hands, from his fingers, and the Adriana Alencar anxiety crept into my soul.

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Why did the parents of our girls and boys come to the alumni meeting. Thick, old aunts. Guys with bald spots and beer bellies, on which ceremonial ties lay almost horizontally to the ground. And no amount of effort could button up the buttons of jackets, and some of Adriana Alencar top buttons of their shirts. That's what a freebie zhrachka, but the lack of physical activity does to the people. Girls, our dear little reeds, white-trunk Adriana Alencar, flexible mountain ash - where are you. Why two fat aunts came up to me and demand that I recognize them as my friends - Svetka and Zinka. There is something familiar in the faces, something reminiscent of my classmates.

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