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Him and moaned, he said how sweet she was and where she used to be, then he took the string of thong with his teeth and pulled them off her, I saw it all from the side, you should have seen what kind of ass she had, a little even tanned, which I was surprised, he pulled the thong down to the floor, took her buttocks with both hands and spread them, and buried his nose between buttocks and began to lick and suck the vagina and labia with a chomp, I was in shock, I was already jerking off through my pants, caressing my stake, it was spectacular, my sister was naked, on the desk with cancer, like a whore, she was not shy, I came to myself and saw that Timur got to his feet, already pulled down his jeans with panties, pulled out his penis and jerked it off, and with his other hand he caressed his sister's pussy and, as it seemed to me, even went there with his fingers, because he was making forward movements, and she was completely waving and biting her lip growled like a tigress. Did he really have it, I thought, and with these thoughts I saw how he adjusted to the priest and entered slowly. I don't know where he entered, in the ass or in the vagina, but there was no screaming and facial tension, which was why I was surprised if he she has it in her pussy, then why did she not scream when depriving her virginity, if its the same in the ass, he wouldnt come easily, I saw him fucking her sweepingly, and she buried her head in the desk, growling and groaning through her teeth so that no one could heartaking the buttocks and had it, the slaps of her buttocks on his pelvis were heard, I wanted to pull out and jerk off, but I was Christy Mack Spank that someone would enter the corridor and see, he fucked her for 10 minutes, then left her, put my sister with her back on the deskhe himself turned his back to me, while I went to this side, I saw my sister's pussy with an open vagina and open sagging labia, go nuts, is she really not a virgin anymore, can he really fuck her in the pussy, with these thoughts, standing with his back to me, he fucked her with a hard speed, roughly, entering her deeply, and she was already screamingI could not restrain myself and control, I could not see where he was fucking her, for me it was a mystery. All this lasted for about half an hour, then he stepped back, the sister got up from the desk, you would see her breasts. With erect brown nipples, wide hips, shaved pussy, labia were parted, and small labia hung between the large labia, which were opened, then she knelt down and took it in her mouth, you would have seen what pleasure she sucked, as if a professional nipple, he waved her by holding her head, for 10 Christy Mack Spank she sucked and he began to twitch and moan, apparently finished, but stop he I finished in her mouth and she didnt spit, it was clear how she swallowed and raising her head smiled sweetly at him, pulling out her tongue, showing that she had eaten everything, I was in awe, the girl was doing nothing to herself. Then she slowly got up, wagging her booty, went to the desk from the bag, took out wet wipes, began to wipe between her legs, and Timur was already getting dressed, he just walked away and he was not visible, then Let's go further, maybe I'll let it down. I accidentally found out about this clearing, I just came across it when I was walking in the forest.

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